Hrvatsko nuklearno društvo

Croatian Nuclear Society

I have never regarded nuclear radiation or nuclear power as anything other than a normal and inevitable part of the environment. Our prokaryotic forebears evolved on a planet-sized lump of fallout from a star-sized nuclear explosion, a supernova that synthesised the elements that go to make our planet and ourselves. <James Lovelock>

Nuclear energy

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  2. Finnish Greens no longer "dogmatic" about nuclear power
    HELSINKI, June 17 (Xinhua) -- Once holding a negative stand towards the use of nuclear energy, Finnish Green Party seems to have adopted a more practical attitude. Touko Aalto, chairman of the Green Party said on Sunday the party "is no longer dogmatic ...

  3. Popular Science

    Russia floats new nuclear power station—and new risks
    Popular Science
    The world's first commercial floating nuclear power station—a 21,500-metric-ton Russian vessel called the Akademik Lomonosov—is slowly making its way across the Arctic Ocean, on a multi-stage trip to its final destination in eastern Russia. People ...

  4. FiveThirtyEight

    Nuclear Power Won't Survive Without A Government Handout...
    Once upon a time, if you were an American who didn't like nuclear energy, you had to stage sit-ins and marches and chain yourself to various inanimate objects ...

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  5. NPR

    As Nuclear Struggles, A New Generation Of Engineers Is Motivated By Climate Change
    The surge in new engineers comes as the nuclear industry, just like coal, is struggling to compete against cheaper natural gas and renewable energy. The Nuclear Energy Institute estimates that more than half of the nation's 99 nuclear reactors are at ...

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