Hrvatsko nuklearno društvo

Croatian Nuclear Society

I have never regarded nuclear radiation or nuclear power as anything other than a normal and inevitable part of the environment. Our prokaryotic forebears evolved on a planet-sized lump of fallout from a star-sized nuclear explosion, a supernova that synthesised the elements that go to make our planet and ourselves. <James Lovelock>

The activities of the Young generation networks CNS include:

  • Extraction of young professionals to work within a section
  • The training of young professionals in the field of nuclear energy
  • Transfer of knowledge and experience between older and younger generations
  • International contacts - to actively participate in the operation of the young generation (YGN) at the European level
  • Involvement in international projects
  • Active participation of YGN in the work of the parent nuclear society
  • Involvement of students and popularization of the study related to nuclear energy among young people
  • Encouraging the participation of young professionals in professional seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Organizing seminars and professional meetings
  • Work on public relations
  • Notification of potential members and the general public about the work of MMG HND

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