Hrvatsko nuklearno društvo

Hrvatsko nuklearno društvo

I have never regarded nuclear radiation or nuclear power as anything other than a normal and inevitable part of the environment. Our prokaryotic forebears evolved on a planet-sized lump of fallout from a star-sized nuclear explosion, a supernova that synthesised the elements that go to make our planet and ourselves. <James Lovelock>

Nuclear energy

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  2. Forbes

    If Radical Innovation Makes Nuclear Power Expensive, Why Do We Think It Will Make Nuclear Cheap?
    In the mid-1950s, the job of building the first U.S. nuclear plant for civilian purposes fell to Navy Admiral Hyman Rickover, who had created America's nuclear-powered (and armed) submarines and aircraft carriers. In his essential new book, Energy: A ...

  3. The University of Manchester (press release)

    Expert Comment: Nuclear Energy, why we are all invested in its success or failure
    The University of Manchester (press release)
    Here, Professor Richard Taylor explains why this new interdisciplinary approach, in the form of The Beam Network, is long overdue in a sector that has been dominated by rigid regulation and research boundaries. Nuclear Energy projects are, by their ...

  4. EurekAlert (press release)

    Department of Energy invests $64 million in advanced nuclear technology
    EurekAlert (press release)
    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced nearly $64 million in awards for advanced nuclear energy technology to DOE national laboratories, industry, and 39 U.S. universities in 29 states. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has been awarded ...

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Nuklearna energija: zlo, spas ili?

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