Hrvatsko nuklearno društvo

Hrvatsko nuklearno društvo

I have never regarded nuclear radiation or nuclear power as anything other than a normal and inevitable part of the environment. Our prokaryotic forebears evolved on a planet-sized lump of fallout from a star-sized nuclear explosion, a supernova that synthesised the elements that go to make our planet and ourselves. <James Lovelock>

Nuclear energy

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  1. Forbes

    Can Next-Generation Nuclear Power Meet World Energy Needs?
    Nuclear power is a viable option, and next-generation reactors represent advancements in sustainability, economics, safety, reliability and proliferation ...

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  2. Can Nuclear Power Fit in a Sustainable Portfolio?
    Most discussion of how utilities generate electricity revolves around fossil fuels and renewables. Nuclear power, it often seems, is the odd source out. Yet nuclear remains a key component of the electricity generation mix in the United States ...

  3. Forbes

    Will Saving Nuclear Energy In South Carolina Preserve The Planet?
    To that end, debate is swirling in a number of state capitols as to whether customers should subsidize nuclear energy and carbon-free power as a way to battle climate change — policies opposed not just by coal and natural gas groups but also by some ...
    Warnings were raised years before utilities abandoned nuke projectThe State

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  4. Swarajya

    Civil Nuclear Energy Development: The Japanese Link
    New Delhi has remained consistent in its ideology of developing civilian nuclear energy for the benefit of its people. This is also in line with India's commitments under the Paris Agreement which aims to increase the share of non-fossil fuel energy to ...

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  5. Bloomberg

    Nuclear Power's Woes Imperil U.S. National Security, Moniz Says...
    The decline of the U.S. nuclear-power industry puts America's security at risk, according to a report being released Tuesday by former Energy Secretary Ernest ...

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Nuklearna energija: zlo, spas ili?

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