The first Forum organized by the Croatian Nuclear Society (HND) will be held on May 30 – June 2, 2021 in Zadar at the Hotel Kolovare.

The forum is a technical meeting aimed at exchanging operational experience and best engineering practice at the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant, as well as solving future challenges related to the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant life-time extension and radioactive waste management in Croatia.

Topics to be discussed at the meeting deal with various professional aspects in the field of nuclear energy:

Operational experience of the Krsko NPP

The topic of operational experience is intended to present interesting experiences in operation of the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant, including maintenance, production, modernization, quality assurance and control, safety upgrade project, etc.

Radioactive waste management

Sustainable use of nuclear energy and nuclear technologies requires the safe storage of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. Thus, this section will present the current situation related to the establishment of a spent fuel dry storage at the Krsko NPP and a long-term storage of low and intermediate level radioactive waste in Croatia and Slovenia.

Long-term operation of the Krsko NPP

Activities have started on projects related to operating life-time extension of the Krsko NPP, which must be implemented in order to meet the administrative requirements. This session will be dedicated to these projects including environmental impact assessment of the extended plant operation with obtaining environmental consent, the third periodic safety inspection of the plant (PSR3) and pre-SALTO mission (Safety Aspects of Long Term Operation) in which IAEA representatives will review the safety of long-term operation.

Digitalization in nuclear power plants

The introduction of digitalization in nuclear power plants is a very demanding project due to the specifics of the industry and strict safety requirements. The main goal is to show trends in the field of digital transformation, how the nuclear industry is implementing digitalization, whether this will enable the competitiveness of nuclear power plants with other sources of electricity and whether this can encourage the employment of new staff.

Round table

The main topic of the Round table is energy strategy in light of the need to ensure energy security and implement the transition to low-carbon energy in order to mitigate climate change. The relationship between the profession, politics and the public regarding strategic energy challenges and low-carbon technologies will be discussed. The position of nuclear energy in the energy strategies and plans of the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia will be discussed, and the development of the Krsko 2 NPP project will be discussed.


Please register for your participation at the Forum via the application form at the link no later than May 3, 2021. We invite Forum participants, if they wish to present their work, to send a short summary to no later than May 14, 2021. The committee will inform the applicants about the acceptance of abstracts by May 21, 2021. Since the holding of the meeting depends on the favorable epidemiological situation in the Republic of Croatia, it is proposed to pay the registration fee from May 1, 2021.


Members of the Program Committee:

Nikola Cavlina, president, ENCONET Ltd.

Ilijana Ivekovic, ENCONET Ltd.

Mario Gluhak, Krsko NPP

Goran Kukmanovic, Fund for financing the decommissioning of the Krško NPP

Janko Cerjak, Krsko NPP

Gorazd Pfeifer, Krsko NPP


Members of the Organizing Committee:

Luka Romac, president, NPP Krsko

Ivo Zarkovic, Krsko NPP

Matija Gulis, Krsko NPP

Monika Pesa, ENCONET Ltd.

Paulina Duckic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Stefica Vlahovic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing



Ana Holjak, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing


Luka Romac

The meeting will be held and adjusted to the current epidemiological measures and the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.