Dear Colleagues,

We are regretfully informing you that the 13th International Conference of the Croatian Nuclear Society is being postponed to the next year, for the second time. This was not an easy decision to make on our side because we hoped at the time of the first postponement that it would be possible to have the Conference at the beginning of June this year. Unfortunately, the situation with organizing the events with larger number of participants remained unpredictable. As of now, it is still unpredictable and we are only three months from the planned dates of the Conference. We do not feel confident to go on and have the live Conference and face the risk that many of you may not attend, or a risk associated with gathering under the circumstances.

We waited until the last. We considered, as it was announced as an option, to go online. We were in contact with our colleagues and friends, regular participants and contributors to the Conference. By many we were told that online is not the same as meeting in Zadar. We were also watching what others were doing.

At the end, all this said, we had to agree that “online“ or “virtual“ is, indeed, not the same as meeting you there in Zadar, attending the sessions and vivid discussions, presenting and discussing your work face to face with your colleagues and enjoying together the Conference’s dinner and Sunday evening reception.

The new dates for the Conference are not fixed yet, but it will be approximately at the same time next year, in late May and/or early June of 2022. As soon as we make all the necessary arrangements, we will inform you on the new dates via e-mail and post the announcement on the conference website. We will also post and send you the new calls for abstracts and papers in due time.

We are grateful for all the submitted abstracts. They are of the highest quality, but we have not been able to proceed to the author’s notification phase due to the current situation. We hope that you will submit your papers for our Conference next year as well and we are looking forward to your contributions. Clearly, in the meantime you are free to resubmit your abstracts and papers intended for this Conference to any other event or publication.

We hope that you will be able to attend the Conference next year. In the meantime, thank you very much for your efforts and expressed interest and, please, stay safe in these challenging times.


Programme Committee Chair

Ivan Vrbanić (APOSS)

Organising Committee Chair

Siniša Šadek (University of Zagreb)