Mreža mlade generacije Američkog nuklearnog društva (American Nuclear Society Young Members Group – YMG), NICE Future incijativa (Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future – NICE Future initiative) i International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) organiziraju webinar pod naslovom Microreactors in the Near Horizon: Innovative Solutions for Clean Energy Systems, koji će se održati u srijedu 25. ožujka 2020. od 14:00 do 15:15 sati. Prijava je moguća putem ove poveznice.

Više o webinaru i organizatorima u nastavku obavijesti.

About this webinar:

Microreactors are a specific subset of small modular reactors characterized by a generation capacity of approximately 1 to 20 megawatts of electricity. Hear the perspectives from experts on how these reactors offer a combination of reliability and operational flexibility that no other small electrical generating system can match, including mutually enabling abilities when linked with other carbon-free energy sources. These reactors utilize a small land footprint, can be transported using a semi-truck, and potentially operate for years without refueling. These microreactors will empower many innovative uses in our future clean energy economy.

Panelists will highlight how these paradigm-shifting technologies will enable remote villages, island communities, military operations, off-grid consumers, and high-temperature process heat customers to benefit from carbon-free nuclear energy. The panelists will discuss the state of the technology development, benefits, economics, potential customers, and opportunities to incorporate cutting-edge innovations, such as additive manufacturing and remote/autonomous operations.

Learn why this innovative technology has become a technology of interest to the CEM, ANS YMG, and IYNC communities and could be leveraged to accelerate progress toward achieving emissions-reduction goals.

Special Remarks by Alice Caponiti, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fleet and Advanced Reactor Deployment at the U.S. Department of Energy.


·       Marc Nichol, Nuclear Energy Institute

·       Keyes Niemer, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

·       Nick Smith, National Reactor Innovation Center, Idaho National Laboratory

·       Troy Warshel, U.S. Department of Defense


Moderator: Tim Crook, ANS YMG Executive Committee and IYNC member


About the Webinar Organizers:

The ANS Young Members Group (YMG) is a constituency of over 3,000 early- to mid-career nuclear professionals. YMG sponsors non-technical workshops and meetings that provide professional development and networking opportunities for young professionals. YMG collaborates with ANS Technical Divisions, Organizational Committees, and Groups in developing this non-technical content in addition to technical content for topical and national meetings. YMG encourages its members to participate in the activities of these groups that are closely related to their professional interests as well as in their local ANS sections. At a macro level, YMG enables young professionals to learn inter- and intra-personal skills, network with peers among the 10,000-member Society, participate in technical and non-technical leadership opportunities, familiarize with the governance structure of the Society, and recognize their peers through awards.  

The International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) is a global network of the future generation of professionals in the nuclear field working to: develop new approaches to communicate benefits of nuclear power, as part of a balanced energy mix; promote further peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology for the welfare of mankind; and transfer knowledge from the current generation of leading scientists to the next generation and across international boundaries.

The Clean Energy Ministerial’s (CEM) Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future (NICE Future) initiative envisions a world in which nuclear innovation advances clean energy goals and provides societal benefits.  The initiative was launched at the Ninth CEM (Copenhagen, May 2018) under the leadership of Canada, Japan, and the United States. The scope of the initiative is described here, and on the U.S. DOE Office of Nuclear Energy website.  If you are interested in being informed about upcoming events, webinars, and announcements from the initiative, please join NICE’s Future mailing list.